Using Emails to elevate Your Jewelry & Luxury Brand

No Pressure. Yes Diamonds 🙂

Watch This Short Video to Learn How

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

No Ad Costs (Screw Facebook)

That way, you can spend your hard-earned revenue for other stuff

Create a Stronger Brand Image

Did you know that %73 of customers prefer to get notified by Emails from Brands?

Connect Your Customers Personally

With beautifully designed emails, create an ever-lasting connection with your customers

How Can We Help You?


These are automated Emails that are sent to your customers responsive to their actions (Abandoned Cart or Post-Purchase Flows)

These automation Email flows are a MUST regardless of the size of your operation


These are the Emails that you send to your customers on a special occation or on a regular basis. There is so much room for play here.

You can send Weekly Newsletters for your clients or Huge Black Friday/Christmas Sales Campaigns. Sky is the limit!

So, How Will We Do It?

Let us explain.

With a team of designers, copywriters, and strategists, we create a game plan that aligns with your brand and goal.

With high end designs, and copywriting, we aim to create, retain and captivate customers.

We do not create beautifully designed emails for the sake of it. 

We design them in such a way to captivate your audience and ultimately, earn you more

It’s a puzzle that we can solve.

But, How Exactly Does the Process Go?

1. Book an Appointment

In a short introductory meeting, we’ll get to know you and your brand and figure out if and how we can help you

2. Creating a Special Plan For You

To create an ever-lasting reputation of your brand in the eyes of your customers, we’ll create a special plan for your brand

3. Go Grab a Coffee

At this point, you don’t have to do anything else. Go grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful night sky. You’ve earned it!